Mango - Sweet Corn Chat

There are some well known areas for shopping in Bangalore and one of them I like most is Gandhi Bazar. Evening time will be really good to roam around there, and our shopping will be complete only after having some food, preferably chat food. You can see so many chat shops serving various chat food to the never ending crowd. I had been to Gandhi Bazar with my sister quite a few months back. She knows that area very well and we did plenty of shopping. We were really tired and feeling hungry. She took me to a chat shop in Gavipuram Area. Mango - Sweet Chat from that shop was her all time favorite. So, we ordered the same enjoyed eating. It was so good and so yummy! 
Unripened Totapuri mangoes are perfect for this chat recipe. Grilled sweet corn and finely chopped mangoes are really a wonderful combination. This chat food has become one of our favorite snacks for the evenings. Here is the recipe of Mango - Sweet Corn Chat for you!

Time required: 20 - 25 minutes
Servings: 3
Difficulty Level: Medium

  • Sweet corn cobs - 2
  • Totapuri mango (medium size) - 1
  • Green chilli paste - 1 tsp (adjust according to taste)
  • Lime juice - for taste
  • Salt - for taste

  • Roast the corn cobs on direct flame. I did this on my stove top. Separate the kernels when its still hot. You can do this job easily using a knife. 
  • Chop the raw mango finely. I prefer cutting them to the same size as of corn kernels. 
  • Combine corn kernels and chopped mango in a mixing bowl. Add salt, chilli paste and lime juice according to taste. 
  • Toll them quickly and serve immediately! 
  • This delicious chat can be served as salad for the lunch or as evening snacks. 
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